Hemorrhoids can be treated very well using ADVANCED Natural Medicine


Before you have your hemorrhoids cut out with surgery you may want to try this method first !  

Many patients from all over Australia have decided to use Darren Grech’s treatment instead of surgery or rubber banding.

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It could save you much grief and suffering. This is a Natural Treatment which has been helped many people.

The great majority of patients I have treated have responded very well.

Darren Grech has treated over 400 patients with Hemorrhoids.

Darren Grech has treated over 400 patients with Hemorrhoids.

Speak with reception staff (Karina) on 08 9345 5056.  


For more than 18 years Darren Grech has been treating many cases & is very experienced.

New Hemorrhoids often appear after surgical treatment and many patients want a different approach and have been very pleased with this natural option.

Darren Grech specialises in using Advanced Herbal Medicine taken orally.

Healing time required can vary with individuals. Time required can be discussed during your appointment. You may be surprised how little time is required.

Darren Grech has much experience and has conducted over 35,000 consultations from patients all over Australia. With over 18 years experience in full time practice Darren Grech has the expertise to know the best treatment for your condition.


Severe Haemorrhoids

After a 36 hour labour I was left with 6 very painful hemorrhoids.
4 months of western medicine did hardly anything to relieve the pain.
I went through 8 tubes of prescription cream, to no avail.

I dreaded going to the toilet and decided to look elsewhere for help.

I was referred to consult with Darren Grech.
I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Now I know what I’ll be using if they come back with future pregnancies.
Thank you Darren! * – Alisha, S.A. (Registered Nurse)


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–Absolutely BRILLIANT! IThey were very bad & had a huge impact on my life. In the past I used all the creams from the Chemist , and they were a little helpful in reducing the pain, but they never healed them, they never went away. If you are sceptical (like I was) or just a bit unsure, seriously give this a try!  (*) D. Chalmers. Perth.

— After having surgery previously and having the hemroids return, I definitely wanted to avoid surgery AGAIN!. So gave this a go, took the medicine and was extremely surprised actually. I had a prolapsing case which I was told would only get fixed with an operation, but was determined to give this natural way a chance to work.  Very pleased, thanks again. (*)  J. Briggs. Campbelltown. NSW.

–About 10 years ago I had a hemorrhoid surgically removed. Unfortunately the surgeon damaged a nerve in the anal area which left me with fecal leakage, a condition called encopresis. To make it worse, a new hemorrhoid developed and caused much pain. A friend of mine had good results using Darren Grech’s hemorrhoid treatment so i gave it a try. I would HIGHLY recommend his treatment to absolutely anyone who has hemorrhoids. I only wish i tried it years ago! (*)
Sally J – Perth

* Disclaimer : results may vary from person to person.

Darren Grech is experienced in treating many conditions using a variety of Natural Medicines, Naturopathic and Homœopathic. Over the past 18 years he has conducted over 35,000 consultations covering many medical conditions from patients all over Australia and overseas.


Darren Grech (Advanced Diploma Homœopathic Medicine (Health Sciences), Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine (inc. Nutrition & Biochemistry), Member of AHA(Australian Homœopathic Association), Registered member AROH (Australian Registrar of Homœopaths).

Darren is one of Western Australia’s most dedicated, experienced and committed practitioners.

Darren Grech has had extensive training in both the principles of Naturopathy & the science & therapeutics of Homœopathy.  His main passion is for the original Hahnemannian system of  Homœopathy, which in fact is rarely taught or practiced today. His purpose is to encourage, research, advance, and help explain all subjects concerning healing & Homœopathy. He gained his Advanced Homœopathy Diploma through the Sydney College of Homœopathic Medicine (4 years) as well as post graduate studies with the Canadian Academy of Homœopathy (2 years).  Darren also spent time studying and attending clinics with Homœopathic doctors in India.

He also holds Natural Medicine qualifications (4 years), achieving his Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine & Health Sciences at the Australian Institute of Natural Science, The Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine (including Nutrition, Naturopathic Philosophy & Iridology), QLD Institute of Natural Science (Biochemistry) and his Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (1yr) at the Australasian Academy of Natural Therapies in Sydney.