Vulvodynia Relief Cream

Darren Grech - Perth Naturopath, Homeopath & Medical Herbalist

POWERFUL RELIEF from Vulvodynia pain with

 Vulvodynia Relief Cream™

Vulvodynia can often be treated very successfully using Vulvodynia Relief Cream™.

Darren Grech, a Naturopath in Perth has conducted over 35,000 consultations & has been able to help many women who have suffered with Vulvodynia for over 18 years. He has treated many cases and uses a unique natural Application Formula now available online.

What are the Symptoms of Vulvodynia?

Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition affecting the vulvar area. The most common symptoms are burning, irritation, stinging or sharp (stitching) pain which occurs in the vulva (including labia) and can also extend to the vagina. These symptoms have been treated very effectively with Vulvodynia Relief Cream™.

How can Vulvodynia Relief Cream™ help?

  • It is so effective as it treats all possible Vulvodynia discomfort zones.
  • This Highly Effective Unique Formula contains:
  • Platina 6c (for ultra-sensitivity & pain)
  • Hypericum 6c  (nerve soothing)
  • Anti- Candida Nosode 200x (effective even if thrush is not a problem)
  • Sepia 6c (for balancing Vaginal moisture. Also excellent for any burning discomfort)
  • Cereus grandifloris 6C (relaxing and soothes)

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