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After 4 weeks it virtually disappeared

I will always recommend Darren Grech. He completely changed my condition I had for about 25 years. About 70% of my body was covered with scaly Psoriasis.

Every time I took off my shirt it snowed flakes! UV treatment didn’t work. I tried methotrexate & cyclosporine which did nothing and felt so ill I had to stop them. So I gave up. Then I was referred by my wife’s friend to see Darren. After 4 weeks on his medicine it virtually disappeared, I kid you not! I couldn’t believe it. My GP just shook his head and stared. The scales & itch started to slowly come back after 12 months so I saw Darren again and he prescribed the same medicine & it disappeared again quite quickly. To think I was told all those years it is incurable!

Mr BW, Sydney