Is Conventional medicine really “Evidence Based”?

Is Conventional medicine really “Evidence Based”?

One of the criticisms some conventional medicine practitioners have against alternative medicine is that it is not evidenced based, that only they …. ‘real doctors’.. practice the catch phrase ‘evidence based medicine’. What are the facts?

According to the British Medical Journal this is completely untrue and the research suggests that the large majority of prescriptions given by a medical practitioner are very unlikely to be ‘evidence based medicine.’ See Clinical Evidence for the full article.

Below is the statistical analysis;

Proportions of Commonly-used Treatments supported by Good Evidence

As of March 2009

Likely to be beneficial 23%
Trade off between benefits and harm 8% – 7%
Unlikely to be beneficial 6% – 5%
Likely to be ineffective or harmful 4% -3%
Unknown effectiveness 46% – 51%

Next time you are given a prescription ask which of the above categories the medicine falls under.

As Dr Kaplan rightly states;

“So next time you hear a doctor criticise homeopathy for lacking evidence, know that s/he is a doctor in a glass house throwing stones and ask him or her quietly what % of conventional interventions are fully evidence based. “