I would like to comment on my condition with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

I have suffered with terrible bloating of the abdomen on a daily basis for many years.  I had tried General Practitioners, a Gastroenterologist Specialist and I was told that nothing would be able to treat my condition. 

Initially I saw a Naturopath in Perth for one year and spent alot of money which did not help my condition at all.  My husband researched on the Internet and found this website and he read the testimonials from other people who had suffered IBS and how Darren had helped them with herbal medicine treatment. 

My husband recommended to me that I should make an appointment with Darren but I was very skeptical as I had tried everything before and had practically given up hope.  On my first consultation I was given treatment and within days I felt great and now I don’t suffer with IBS anymore.  I just want to thank Darren for helping me to over come this condition.    

J. Lopez – Perth