Premature Ejaculation can often be treated using Specialised Natural Medicine



Darren Grech has had a good success rate treating patients with Premature Ejaculation from all over Australia. The treatment at this Natural Medicine Clinic is focused on actually healing the condition as deeply as possible, which is always the intent.

Some of my previous patients have tried conventional treatments with only limited success. Often they had unwanted side effects so they discontinued them. As a result, they wished to end the guess work and seek professional guidance in receiving individualised treatment.

Some patients have found that their prescription medication together with the treatment i offer helps the problem even better, than when they only took the prescription drug. They have also noticed a reduction in their side effects, which has been great!

In Darren Grech’s experience the most important method for success in treating Premature Ejaculation is to use individualised Naturopathic Botanical medicine which very closely matches the symptoms. If you are very keen to try a method very different to what you have used so far, the next step is to contact this clinic, make an appointment so you can get started.

With Darren Grech’s approach you will never need to swallow endless tablets like many other costly regimes. Diet change is usually not needed as a part of this treatment. There are specific natural medicines which can help Premature Ejaculation without inhibiting the actual libido or sexual function. (*)

After an accurate assessment Darren Grech will prescribe you medicine which is matched to your condition.  Darren Grech likes to reassess his patients on a monthly basis until they are completely satisfied that their condition is improving.

Premature Ejaculation is a modern day medical enigma. Patients are told to they will ‘have to live with it’ and that some methods may help manage it. Specialists often do mention that some Natural Therapies can help however the patient is often left to search this themselves. Fortunately, with the latest methods in Natural Medicine, Premature Ejaculation can often be treated well. As a result, it is an ever increasing condition in my clinic. Many patients explain to me their frustration as they have ‘tried everything’! The uniqueness with the method I use is that it is completely individualised. One patient with Premature Ejaculation can sometimes need a medicine different to another person. This is how the results have been very successful.

The treatment at this Perth Natural Medicine Clinic is focused on actually healing the condition as deeply as possible, which is always the intent.

Rarely do I need to recommend any major change in diet. It is the inner ear dynamics which need to be improved and can often be achieved through Medical Herbalism.

It is truly a very rewarding process being able to treat so many patients with this most annoying condition. It is a very simple process for the patient.

If you would like to make an appointment you can call this Perth Natural Medicine Clinic on 08 9345 5056.  Red Phone for websiteYou should be able to get an appointment within 2 weeks.

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If you live too far away from the Perth clinic phone consultations can also be arranged.

Telephone Consultations can be arranged for anyone living anywhere in Australia. We can post you the Natural Medicine after your Phone Consultation.

(*) Disclaimer: results may vary with different patients. The treatment cannot guarantee a %100 success rate. In my experience patients have experienced good results and therefore this treatment is offered to those interested. It is 100% natural and extremely safe with no side effects. For the maximum potential outcomes require some commitment and its recommended you develop a good healthy healing relationship with your practitioner. Its also possible for patients also experience improvements in other areas of their well being which is an added benefit.

Perth Naturopathic Herbalist & Homeopath

Darren Grech is experienced in treating many conditions using a variety of Natural Medicines, Naturopathic and Homœopathic. Over the past 19 years he has conducted over 35,000 consultations covering many medical conditions from patients all over Australia and overseas.


Darren Grech (Advanced Diploma Homœopathic Medicine (Health Sciences), Advanced Diploma Herbal Medicine (inc. Nutrition & Biochemistry), Member of AHA(Australian Homœopathic Association), Registered member AROH (Australian Registrar of Homœopaths).

Darren is one of Western Australia’s most dedicated, experienced and committed practitioners.

Darren Grech has had extensive training in both the principles of Naturopathy & the science & therapeutics of Homœopathy.  His main passion is for the original Hahnemannian system of  Homœopathy, which in fact is rarely taught or practiced today. His purpose is to encourage, research, advance, and help explain all subjects concerning healing & Homœopathy. He gained his Advanced Homœopathy Diploma through the Sydney College of Homœopathic Medicine (4 years) as well as post graduate studies with the Canadian Academy of Homœopathy (2 years).  Darren also spent time studying and attending clinics with Homœopathic doctors in India.

He also holds Natural Medicine qualifications (4 years), achieving his Diploma of Herbal Medicine & Health Sciences at the Australian Institute of Natural Science, The Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine (including Nutrition, Naturopathic Philosophy & Iridology), QLD Institute of Natural Science (Biochemistry) and his Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (1yr) at the Australasian Academy of Natural Therapies in Sydney.