The first time I saw Darren Grech was the time I still needed a walking frame. I remember how hard it was carrying all my MRI scans with the walking frame. My sciatica pain was so bad that I could hardly ever sit down & I had to stand for the entire visit.

I tried Chiropractic for 5 months & then Bowen but it did not respond and steadily got worse. My GP said I would have to live with this for the rest of my life. 1 year later a friend said that their back condition was helped seeing Darren Grech so I went & saw him.

I had sciatica pain 24 hrs a day for over two years. One Doctor recommended I have surgery but a friend of mine had it and it was not successful so I tried seeing Darren Grech. His treatment has been very helpful indeed!

I was very surprised that certain natural medicine can work with problems like this. I definitely recommend Darren’s treatment. *

– Mrs GB, Perth

* Disclaimer : results may vary from person to person.