Vulvadynia (Painful Labia & Vagina)

This is a condition which I have suffered for over 20 years! I regularly experienced discomfort, burning, stinging contractions and knife like stabbing pain which would come on at random intervals. It made intercourse virtually impossible. The conflict it caused in my marriage was very severe.

Every known pathology was ruled out and even after being recommended to psychotherapy, the eventual conclusion was that I’d have to put up with it. I decided to give Darren Grech’s Naturopathy a go, and I was very surprised to learn that I was not the only person who had tried this for my problem.

I must admit that I was sceptical and my ‘faith’ was rock bottom, as I had no success with every other treatment. To my utter astonishment and almost disbelief within the first week I began to notice improvements! Within a few months the condition was completely healed and it’s been over 3 years without the slightest discomfort.                                                    

– LP. Perth