DARREN GRECH – Natural Medicine Practitioner & Medical Herbalist – D.H.M. D.B.M. M.A.H.A. M.A.R.O.H – CONDUCTED OVER 35,000 CONSULTATIONS



Darren Grech is experienced in treating many conditions using a variety of Naturopathic Medicines including Medical Herbalism. Over the past 20 years he has conducted over 35,000 consultations covering many medical conditions from patients all over Australia and overseas.

Darren Grech has been helping many people and families with a very wide range of medical conditions.

Most people choose Darren Grech at the Perth Natural Medicine Clinic for

– Results in treating most health conditions and serious chronic disease

– focus on individualised and holistic treatment

– ultimate goal of maintaining long lasting results

– experience, expertise and ethical sincerity

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Individualised Treatment

In this practice the main focus is on individualised treatment as everybody’s condition in reality is slightly different from somebody else who has the same diagnosis/ condition name. Some people present with a complexity of different conditions and this also needs individualised treatment.

No Unwanted Side Effects

You and your family can feel safe and confident in Darren’s ability to conduct in-depth and thorough consultations along with an accurate prescription, without any of the side effects you might experience using conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

Treatment Offerings

Botanical Medicine & Homoeopathic  treatment is a very effective branch of medicine and can often help problems which have been unresponsive to conventional treatments. (*)

Treatment with homœopathy at the Perth Natural Medicine Clinic can be very effective for most conditions, both acute and chronic. (*)




Results may vary from person to person.