Darren Grech - Perth Naturopath, Homeopath & Medical Herbalist
Darren Grech has helped treating hundreds of patients with Pimples & Acne from all over Australia.

Darren Grech has personally found Pimples & Acne can often be treated very well, he now specialises in this condition.

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Often many patients have tried many ‘over the counter’ products/face washes for Pimples & Acne with only limited success. As a result, they wished to end the guess work and seek professional guidance in receiving individualised treatment.

You may be surprised to know that Darren Grech rarely needs to alter his patients diet.

In Darren Grech’s experience the most important & effective method for success in treating Pimples & Acne is to use individualised Specific Natural Medicine which is taken orally. If you are very keen to get help with Pimples & Acne, the next step is to contact this clinic, make an appointment so you can get started.

Darren Grech is an expert specialising in natural medicines such as;

  • Medical Plant Medicine (Phytotherapeutics & Classical Herbalism)
  • Tautopathy (Iatrogenic detoxification)
  • Dynamised Micro-Immunotherapy
  • Sarcode therapeutics

After an accurate assessment Darren Grech will prescribe you Specific Natural Medicine to work on helping your Pimples & Acne. Most patients will respond well within a surprisingly short time, and improvements continue as the condition heals. Darren Grech likes to reassess his patients on a monthly basis making sure they are completely satisfied that their condition is doing extremely well.

WHY THIS NATURAL TREATMENT?  Because it is so effective & SAFE!

More people today want to avoid dangerous treatments which have an enormous amount of side effects.

The Specific Natural Medicines work on balancing the immunity to fight particular bacteria’s and also help regulate sebum production responsible for Pimples, Acne & Blackheads.

Fortunately, with the latest methods in Natural Medicine, Pimples & Acne can be helped very well. As a result, it is an ever increasing condition in my clinic.


Darren’s natural medicine treatment helped my terrible acne condition, did not end up needing conventional treatment. Would highly recommend and really happy with the outcome. J.G. Perth

My older brother got terrible acne and had an awesome result with Darren Grech’s natural medicine treatment. A few months ago i started to develop some acne too, so started Darren Grech’s treatment too, and very happy indeed! B.G Perth

I had severe cystic acne which was extremely painful. It would ooze pus & blood even when I slightly bumped it, or from pressure of my pillow when sleeping. Unfortunately, severe acne ran in my family as my Dad had it badly as well. I was lucky enough to come across Darren Grech’s natural medicine treatment & it honestly was very helpful. I highly recommend all people with acne to try his treatment! – Matt S. Sydney

I first saw Darren after years of struggling with acne & pimples. Since using Darren’s treatment my skin has improved out of sight. Michael. Perth.

This natural medicine approach was the answer i was looking for. For me, conventional treatment was a disaster, as it didn’t help at all, so my dermatologist prescribed me double dose! I developed severe migraines, infected finger nails etc.  These i was told are common side effects, so i stopped the treatment. Thankfully a few months later i used Darren Grech’s natural medicine treatment for my severe cystic acne & I highly recommend his treatment. – John R. Sydney

For an appointment phone 08 9345 5056


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          NATURAL MEDICINE EXPERT 20 YEARS FULL TIME                                           CLINICAL EXPERIENCE

CLINIC: 443 Great Eastern HWY, Redcliffe, WA.

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