Pregnant the first month since my husband and I started the treatment

We have been trying to have a baby without success for the past 2 years. We had seen our GP in those two years and he told us to give it time, which we did (the two years). He then suggested that we do a number of tests, which we did. Our disappointment grew with every passing moment.

I started to search for different ways of trying to help ourselves to fall pregnant naturally, as I was not convinced that IVF would be an option at that stage. Then I came across the website of Darren Grech. I know about naturopathy as my mum is a naturopath but hadn’t actually thought of going that way. After waiting that long and being suggested to the option of IVF, I thought that there should actually be an alternative way that could work and I gave Darren Grech’s treatment a go. And that is all we needed to do. We were pregnant the first month since my husband and I started the treatment. 9 months later we had a beautiful healthy baby boy.

We would like to Darren for helping us to finally be parents.

We do not have enough words to express our gratitude and we couldn’t thank you enough for your hard work, professionalism, patience and courage to help your patients. It means the world to us.

I would definitely recommend Darren to all my friends and family.

God Bless the work of your hands.

Natasha and Evans, Perth