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my panic attacks completely stopped

After taking Duromine, an appetite suppressant drug prescribed by my GP, I began to experience severe & frequent panic attacks literally after the first dose. This was a side effect from the medicine I was told by my GP and he said I must stop it at once.

I did stop it, however, my panic attacks did not stop, they continued for 6 months. This was when I decided to see Darren. He asked me many questions and prescribed me a homeopathic medicine. Within about 2 days after taking it, my panic attacks completely stopped and I have not had one ever since.

He said it was antidote to the effects of the Duromine. I highly recommend Darren as he saved my life!

– Mrs AP, Syndey.


OCD completely healed

I would like to briefly tell our story about our son who developed OCD not long after whooping cough. Our son found it very awkward talking to his psychologist and after 4 months of therapy we found no improvements. We heard about Darren Grech through a friend’s recommendation. Darren was able to prescribe a medicine which dramatically helped his OCD. We noticed a reduction in his rituals within one week!

Within about 3 weeks, there were major improvements. We continued seeing Darren for another 6 months and we were happy to say his OCD symptoms were absent & there were no relapses. It was like our son had never had it. Everybody, including his teacher were delighted to see him progress so well. It has been intriguing going along for the appointments & it goes without saying that we recommend Darren. Not many people know just how stressful OCD can be! He has helped our entire family!

– Mrs EW, Sydney