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I became relatively symptom free

In late 2008, after eating or drinking almost anything, I began having dreadful sinus attacks accompanied by extremely itchy eyes and headaches.  I was treated for over 2 months with asian medicine followed by 6 expensive appointments with an allergy clinic.  At the end of all of this, my symptoms seemed as bad as when they first started.

Then a friend recommended Darren Grech who is a Homoeopath in Western Australia.  I was impressed with Darren’s thorough questionnaire and more so with my appointments with him.

Darren told me it may take up to 2 years for my symptoms to resolve however due to his accurate diagnosis and treatment, I became relatively symptom free within several months.  Darren is a very caring holistic practitioner whom I would highly commend.

Karen Saunders, Sydney

I’ve got my life back.

Having survived a life-threatening virus I wasn’t feeling ‘right’ –  no energy, was experiencing monthly migraines, couldn’t concentrate, felt very disconnected from the real world – despite the fact that GPs and specialists told me there was no more they could do for me; that was when I went looking for an alternative option.

Within two days of treatment from Darren I felt better than I had for months. For the previous twenty years I had suffered from disturbed sleep/insomnia and also lived with severe hay fever; only a matter of weeks from beginning to take my homeopathic remedy these too became things of the past. All this was nearly a year ago – I still have regular appointments and now, thanks to Darren,

I’ve got my life back. I really can’t recommend him highly enough.

Kath Goodman, Perth