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I had known Darren for over 5 years, taking my entire family along to see him & getting very good results with their various health issues. Then it came time for me to see Darren as I suddenly began to develop a lump in my thyroid.

Darren recommended I have a scan in order to investigate it further & at the same time he took my case and prescribed a homeopathic medicine. I had it scanned and it turned out it was a large thyroid tumour the size of a hen’s egg. It had grown rapidly and was internally bleeding which made needle biopsy very difficult.

The endocrinologist recommended I have my entire thyroid removed & take thyroxine for the rest of my life. I discussed this with Darren & he told me he would support me with my decision in whatever way he could. My family & I decided to have it removed and booked in for an operation scheduled for 4 weeks. In the mean time I kept seeing Darren and he prescribed about 4 different medicines in the space of 4 weeks. As a result the tumour was beginning to shrink. My challenge was knowing if I should still have my thyroid removed seeing that it was shrinking. I then received a phone call from the hospital saying that they had to postpone the operation for 4 weeks.

I kept on with Darren’s prescriptions and to mine & everybody’s amazement the thyroid tumour completely shrunk before the hospital could operate. Of course I cancelled the operation! It is now over 5 years and the tumour has never returned & I have normal thyroid function. I recommend Darren Grech’s expertise for any health condition.

Mrs WD, Sydney


I would like to thanks Darren Grech for successfully treating my thyroid which was underactive. I was getting extremely tired and gaining weight so i had a blood test which showed my thyroid was underactive. My GP insisted i need to start the drug called Oroxine. She said i would have to stay on this drug for life! I thought this was crazy..i am only 32… so i researched the subject and came across Darren Grech’s natural treatment. I am glad i went to him for treatment as my thyroid is now in normal working order and i am not on a drug for the rest of my life! 

SP – Perth