i consider myself cured

For more than 8 years, my condition was terrible… bloating, painful cramps, having to go sometimes 15 times in one day.I originally tried so many products with only a little relief so I decided to see somebody who was recommended.

Darren Grech was the only practitioner I’ve seen who spent time with me being very thorough, asking many questions, which really surprised me. This covered many aspects of my life, something I was not used to!

He prescribed me herbal medicine which helped immensely in about 1 week. I had improved by 90%. Now I go 2 times a day, with absolutely no pain, wind or bloating. Its been now over 10 months, and i consider myself cured. I highly recommend any enquirer to see Darren. I didn’t feel uncomfortable talking about these subjects at all, it was very easy.

S.G. – Sydney