Dangerous skin infection cured

I slammed my finger in my car boot, which resulted in a deep cut on my finger, including some skin damage around the nail.  The cut healed nicely but the skin around the nail became infected. 


The infection spread right around the finger and all the way up to my hand, then started spreading down the next finger.  The infection consisted of blisters.  I popped some of the blisters to let the pus out, which resulted in skin becoming loose and just falling off over time.  I tried some homeopathy we had at home but without success. I was put onto Darren Grech and made my first appointment with him. 

2 days before the appointment a doctor and some nurses at a function at work saw my finger – they were horrified.  They told me I could loose my hand and that I just had to take antibiotics without hesitation. I became very scared and called Darren to ask if he could bring my appointment forward because I really didn’t want to take antibiotics. 

Darren moved some things around and saw me the next day.  He said, “I guarantee you we’ll fix it”.  He gave me 3 different bottles of homeopathy and said to try one first and call him 24 hours later.  I called him and told him that although the original wound was looking better, the infection was still spreading. 

He told me which one to try next and to call him in another 24 hours.  I didn’t really notice any further improvement so Darren advised me to take the third one.  I had an amazing response.  By the next day the infection had stopped spreading and was starting to heal.  The whole infection dried up and started healing within days.  The photos show the healing stage.  The pus disappeared, the skin dried up and the blisters dried out and turned red before flaking off.  The skin damage completely healed after about 3 weeks.  The nurses at my work were amazed, and the doctor just said, “Well, you know we only have about 10 minutes with each patient”!  

In comparison I had a long appointment with Darren, followed by a series of long phone calls, at a very reasonable cost, and I didn’t have to take any medication at all.  My 4-year old son has never had to take pharmaceutical drugs and has responded instantly to homeopathy whenever he has a problem, so I’m glad I had the same result.  Darren is now working with me on a long-term condition, along with lesser issues like hay fever, so I am very hopeful of a good result.  

We recommend Darren to all our friends and family and I often speak about the huge success we’ve had with homeopathy to the medical people I come in contact with through my work.  Darren is professional, has considerable experience and clearly passionate about his work and homeopathy.  He is also very approachable, and in fact during my appointments it feels like I’m just having a chat to a friend.