One week before I started to feel a difference

I have suffered chronic arthritis in my fingers and hands for around 5 years, and in my knee and elbow more recently over the last 3 years.

When you are only half way through your life and you are told the only remedy for the chronic arthritis in your finger joints is to replace them with plastic knuckles; and when you start to see your body change dramatically through the affects of arthritis, the future begins to look pretty bleak and scary.

Being a very active 50+ year old, with a love of my job, our garden, our farm and life in general, it was actually frightening and extremely sad to imagine the picture of my life in the future. One where I would not be able to do the things I love so much without severe pain and tears.  These are the simple things in life, but those that mean so much, like holding hands with my husband the way we still do, hugging our son, writing a letter, holding a cup of coffee, or digging in the garden and picking those roses we love so much to grow.

And then along came Darren.  After my first visit with Darren it took only a week before I started to feel the difference. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  I call it “The Magic Potion” because there are no other words I can think of that would describe the amazing transformation.

Before my second visit, the pain and swelling had reduced by 80% in my fingers on one hand and around 75% on the other.  Not only was I amazed but so too were my family and colleagues who had seen firsthand the pain I had experienced for so long.  Over the next few months we tried a combination of a few different “potions” to continue to improve my fingers, knee and elbow joints.

Today I am typing this article with no pain or swelling in my fingers; something I had not been able to do for such a long time. The pain in my knee and elbow are what I would call insignificant compared to what they were just a few months ago.

So together with Darren’s “Magic Potion”, here I am on this amazing journey into the future; one that just gets better every day.

Kathie Mitchell, Perth